Happy 5th Birthday to shadowsflyaway!

For some strange reason this didn’t post yesterday despite my having set it up to do so but here we are only a day late. But the celebration continues!


The 5th birthday card -. A mosiac from Brompton Cemetery.
©Carole Tyrrell

Yes, it’s shadowsflyaway’s  5th Birthday!

This means that there’s no Symbol of the Month this month.  So instead we will be raising our virtual glasses of what ever takes your fancy (mine’s ideally a Pimms but usually a lemon and lime flavoured water) and let’s say loudly ‘Cheers!

I’d also like to thank all of my readers especially those who have been kind enough to either ‘like’ a post or to send their comments.

So far there have been 35,195 views over the last 5 years with 300 comments  so thanks again to all of you!

My most popular post is ‘It’s behind you! The Doom Painting of Chaldon church.’ with 6292 views.   If you’re ever down that way it’s well worth a look.

These are strange days indeed and I send my good wishes to you all and hope that you are all keeping well and safe.

Now that lockdown has eased in the UK,  I have been out and about exploring churchyards in Kent as well as the Darnley Mausoleum.  This will feature in a future post as it’s a place that I have long wanted to visit. The Mausoleum didn’t disappoint.

So let’s say it loudly again ‘Cheers to shadowsflyaway!’



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